Sunday, February 17, 2008

Book review of Right Side of the Wrong Bed by Frederick Smith

Right Side of the Wrong Bed By Frederick Smith
Kenny Kane, a 33-yr-old African American is still getting over the breakup with his long time lover, DaVon, when he meets a 21-yr-old Latino college student named Jeremy Lopez. Kenny seems to have it all going for him: college education, professional job, caring friends, good looks, nice home, money to burn, and a silver BMW. Jeremy on the other hand, is a bit of an East L.A. gangster type: sexy, into drugs and good times, an anything-goes party animal who likes to hang with his posse. Kenny is upper-middle-class conservative; Jeremy is L.A. ghetto dysfunctional.
But as they say, opposites attract, and when they do, let the fireworks begin. Shortly after hooking up with Jeremy, Kenny’s stable life begins to unravel. He begins to suspect his young lover of cheating, lying, and hiding from the law. The deeper he gets into their relationship, the more his common sense tells him to cut and run. But Jeremy’s considerable charisma and performance in bed keeps dragging Kenny deeper and deeper into trouble, in spite his better judgment.
The story is a glimpse into a sometimes funny, sometimes sexy, sometimes sad relationship where age, race, and social standing are all at odds. Readers under the age of 30 will no doubt relish the fast paced action, simplistic story line, snappy street slang dialogue, club scene settings, carefree lifestyles, emotional ups and downs, and the sexy exchanges between the main characters. It is a young person’s novel. The bull’s eye target audience for this story is the younger side of twenty-something, African American or Latino, and gay. The further you drift from that target center, I suspect, the less likely you are to enjoy this tumultuous love story. But regardless of your age or race, Frederick Smith will keep you turning the pages to find out what happens next.

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