Saturday, October 4, 2008

Book Review of Andy Stevenson vs The Lord of the Loins by Kage Alan

Andy Stevenson is back with a hilarious vengeance in this sequel to A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Sexual Orientation. This time around, college sophomore, Andy Stevenson is now comfortable with his sexuality and is on the hunt for a monogamous relationship. When the man of his dreams -- a sexy and questionably gifted poet in Andy’s Creative Writing class -- invites him to his apartment for a sexual escapade, Andy can’t believe his luck.
But of course, Andy’s luck is never what it seems and his life is turned upside down when his dream-man turns out to be a nightmare in the form of a sexual predator known as the Lord of the Loins. Before Andy can fully recover from the disastrous one-night affair, he meets Alan, a sensitive, well adjusted, and domineering half-Asian who wants to give their fledgling love a chance to flourish. But as things begin to jell with Alan, Andy is pulled into a battle with the Lord of the Loins. Armed with only his superhuman sense of sarcasm, Andy is forced to defend his relationship with Alan.

Kage Alan paints a hilarious yet touching portrait of a young man battling his principles to define the kind of relationship that will bring fulfillment, then finding and nurturing that relationship against all odds. As with Kage Alan’s first Andrew Stevenson novel, this is a breezy romp though the time in a young man’s life when his lofty morals battle against the realities of the social norm. It’s a time of confusion and discovery, and Kage Alan’s observations of it are funny, intelligent, and very entertaining.

The one minuscule criticism I experienced was that towards the end of the story, after quite a buildup, when Andy and the Lord of the Loins have a showdown, I was a bit surprised it was not something more momentous and malicious. But that did not stop me from enjoying this story all the way to the last page.

This is a story that I can heartily recommend. If you’re the type of reader who enjoys a funny, sexy, breezy story, then this could be right up your alley.

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