Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays from Chiang Mai, Thailand

Hi everyone. Herman and I have been on the road for two weeks now, and are kicking back in sunny, warm Chiang Mai, Thailand. I'm writing every day, and we are also seeing the city on foot, visiting temples, markets, resturants and other spots with local color.

This is our sixth trip to Chiang Mai, and needless to say, we love it here. It's as laid back as anywhere in Thailand, and almost everything interesting is within walking distance.

It's peak season now with hotels and guest houses filling with holiday travelers from around the world. You wouldn't know that tourisum is down fourty percent.

Young girls performing at the Sunday walking street market.

Alan supporting the "girls". Yes, drag queens are usually present at any festive gathering in the urban centers of Thailand.

Every Sunday, people from all the surrounding villages come into the old section of town to sell their handmade goods. They block off several streets and have a night market with food, music, and lots of handicrafts. These are just a couple of pictures from last Sunday's street fair. Hope you enjoy them. To see more pictures and read about our travels over the next four and a half months, check out: where we are keeping a travel blog.
Chiang Mai time:

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