Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why I Love Writing - Part I

For the next few days, perhaps even several, I will be writing a series of posts exploring why I love writing. I say exploring because I don’t currently know the reasons, but I will attempt to investigate the part of me that finds joy through the process I call creativity. This will be a journey of discovery for me as well as for readers out there.

I would first like to touch on a phenomenon I have experienced many times, and I am always awed and very grateful when it occurs. I call it, touching Creativity.

I look at creativity as something much larger than what goes on in my head when I write. I see it as weaving through this wondrous universe, something that infiltrates all life and binds us life forms together. Some people call it God, others call it Life. I call it Creativity. When I write I feel myself open up to this force. I sometimes feel it in the room with me as I struggle over some bit of prose, as if it were something substantial hovering above me, like a muse.

When I let go of my own ego-driven thoughts and just let the words flow, this force seems to take over, to replace me and spill onto the page. At other time, it seems to draw what I need to me.

For example, last week I found that a line from a Yeat’s poem I had used in my upcoming release of Changi, I had also used the same line in my first published novel, Island Song. So, red faced, I pulled out my volume of Yeat’s works to search for different poem. Before even scanning the table of contents, I randomly opened the volume to a middle page and read the first poem – it was perfect, exactly what I was hoping for. I flipped to a different page and read another poem only to find that it was perfect as well. Coincidence? I don’t believe in chance. I believe that Creativity guided me, and the reason I have come to believe this is because it has not happened in only a few isolated circumstances. It happens often.

When it does happen, when I feel something larger than myself take over, guiding my thoughts, my fingers, a joy washes though me. I am not a religious person, don’t believe in a God, but I must say that at times these feelings seem spiritual.

There is something out there binding life together, and tapping into that force never fails to amaze and delight me. It is probably my most passionate motivation for writing.


Jina Bacarr said...

I can so totally emphasize with what you've written--it's almost as if we've swallowed a magic elixir when we write and sparks of wonderment flow from our fingertips when we type...

This is a beautful post and one worth revisiting from time to time to "re-energize" the creative spirit.

Looking forward to more...



Karen Walker said...

Yes, Yes, Yes, Alan. This is an exquisite expression of what happens when we let go of ego and allow the universal energy or Spirit or Creativity or whatever we choose to call it, enter in.
Thank you so much for what you bring to this group and for your thoughtful comments on my post.


Alexis Grant said...

I like this series! Sometimes it's important to remind ourselves why we love what we do -- it's easy to forget that we love it since it can sometimes be difficult.

Also, Alan, thanks so much for the helpful comment on my blog! I'm still thinking about how I can get my name and photo up there more prominently like I do with my travel blog.


Patricia Stoltey said...

This will be a good series, Alan. There are so many connections between "us" as writers and "us" as parts of the creative whole. We get what you're saying, and hope that your observations will help us understand our own creative urges a little better.

Patricia (to conform with that branding thingie Dani talks about).

Anonymous said...

Good post. Intimate, real ... this will make for a wonderful series. Nice idea. :)

Marvin D Wilson

K. A. Laity said...

I love that feeling! Being caught up in the flow of those thoughts and finding others who share them, even those long departed. Yay, Yeats!

The Practical Preserver said...

Alan, your writing is poetry. I enjoy it very much.