Monday, August 10, 2009

PC or MAC?? It's all so confusing.

I’ve been talking about getting another laptop for months, every since my five-month trip through Asia earlier this year, where I had to share my laptop with my husband, Herman. In the last week, Herman began taking me to Cosco and Best Buy, in addition to comparing prices online. (Obviously he didn’t like sharing either!)

I would like to switch to a high-end Mac laptop. I’m impressed with how well designed they are, and the idea that I don’t need to fool with McAfee or Norton, let alone a buggy Microsoft operating system, seems a HUGE plus. I’m also impressed that Mac users are all so very loyal to Apple. That doesn’t happen by accident. And the fact that PC users seldom have kind words for Microsoft, speaks volumes, at least to me.

The problem is, it seems I can get a perfectly adequate Dell, HP, or Sony laptop for half the price of the Mac, and I’m finding it hard to justify the extra $500 to $800 to get the system I want.

On the other hand, between writing my novels and screenplays, and marketing my books, I spend four to eight hours per day, every day, working on my laptop. Although the skinflint in me is yelling, "Go for the HP!", the writer in me is whispering, "You work long and hard, and deserve a system that will make your life easier."

Besides, what’s an extra $800 when it’s spread over four to six years, or more. Okay, say no more. I’m convinced. ;-)

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