Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm MIA While Proofing My Galley

If you've been check my blog the last week you will have noticed a decided lack of activity. I've been MIA. That's because I finally received the galley for my second novel, The Lonely War, and it's my job to crawl through it and proof-edit it one last time before it goes to publication.

That's what I've been doing -- reading, very carefully, my novel. Hopefully, I will be done tomorrow, and that means that the book could show up on Amazon within the next two weeks, depending on how long my publisher takes to incorporate the edits.

So this holiday season, I'm given everyone a chance to give a gift that has never been given to anyone before, a great read called, The Lonely War. This is a complicated love story that is set within a WWII Japanese POW camp. The POW camp was real, as were many of the situations that occur in the novel. Can't wait to have people read this one.

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