Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fan Mail

Last week I was blown away by a email I received from a fan. Match Maker was released on Monday, Sept. 6th, and I received the email below only two days later. This person must be a speed reader. Wish I could read a novel that fast. Maybe that way I could catch up on my review stack.

But the thing is, she sent me an earlier email telling me how she loved the book. When I emailed her back, thanking her and saying how I loved to hear from readers, she sent this reply:

Mr. Chin,
I was initially hesitant to write to you, but after reading your note I am glad that I did. It is interesting to hear that writers would like to hear from their readers. You are the first that I have written, although I follow a few and regularly purchase their works. Before your note, I tended to believe that it may have been a little "Annie Wilkes-ish."

I am a big tennis fan, which moved me to try Match Maker. I suspected with the U.S Open up, I may have the chance to feed that particular need for a great tennis romance.

I was very moved by Jared and Daniel's story and your beautiful style of telling it. They compelled me to write you. The "behind the game" information was also wonderful, and made the story so very real. Match Maker is now in my "Read Again" folder.

I typically purchase ebooks; easy to store and I admit, I do not like to wait for the mail. Hopefully, your other works will make it to the ebook format soon.

So, let me state simply, I'm met dozens of authors over the last three years, and I don't know a single one who isn't thrilled to hear from an appreciative reader. So please, if you enjoy a book, even if it's not one of mine, , please make the effort to Google that writer and send a quick note. It takes so little time and it means the world to us writers.

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