Monday, October 18, 2010

Head Down Editing This Week

I received the first round of edits of my Butterfly's Child novel from Dreamspinner Press yesterday. So starting today, I will be heads down, crawling through the manuscript, approving or disapproving each edit. I have to do about 50 pages per day in order to make the deadline and have it back to them on Monday. And there are tons of edits to consider. It's embarrassing how much I miss in the writing/editing process.

I wasn't expecting these edits for another few weeks. It goes to show how quickly Dreamspinner gets things done. I'm so impressed with them. It does, however, throw a wrench into my plans and goals for this week. Oh well. As they say: No rest for the wicked.

So if you don't see any other updates this week, you'll know I'm still at work, trying to figure out why they added a comma here, a dash there.

But the bottom line is, I should have my forth novel, Butterfly's Child, published sometime in December. And won't that make a nice Christmas present?

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