Thursday, November 25, 2010

Counting Blessings

I suppose that every morning, one should wake and count his or her blessings even before brushing their teeth. But on this day, is seems appropriate to spend an extra few minutes reminding ourselves of what we are thankful for. For even in the midst of tragedy, there are blessings to be acknowledged.

Topping my list today is my husband, Herman. He is my north, my south, my East and west. He is the compass that keeps me on a true course through this muddled life. He lets me fly, while keeping my feet on the ground and moving down our path. The love he generates in my heart shines on every other aspect of my life. He is my greatest blessing.

Coming in a close second is my good health. Like most people, I often take it for granted until something, even as simple as a cold, threatens it. Next to love, it is our most cherished gift.

I’m guessing family comes next. Today, Herman and I are hosting a gathering of both our families, all thirty-six of them. They will be bringing great food, laughter, drama, love, and hopes for the future, all to our house to share their blessings with us. What better way to spend a day of thankfulness. I have grown to love my husband’s family as my own. They are supportive and loving. Good, solid people trying to make a difference in this life.

I would lastly like to thank you, and all the people who read my blog, my books, my FB, and support me down this career path. Without the support you bring, I would have given up years ago. I am truly grateful to you.

Life is great. Thank you for sharing it with me.

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