Sunday, January 30, 2011

Featuring Alan Barker's 2-sentence stories

A few weeks ago I met Alan Barker on Twitter, and he introduced me to his very short stories. In fact, all his stories are only two sentences long. He gave me permission to share them, so I've posted three of his stories below. Enjoy.

There's some-one behind you!

"As 'Double Acts' is the theme of Rae's party to-night, I hope we're going to outshine the usual gangsters and molls, gladiators and slaves, bears and cubs," commented an excited Jay to his partner Will,"so what have you hired?"

"Look I'm sorry mate, the fancy dress agency has been so busy today there wasn't much left to choose from," replied Will opening the very large costume box, "so which half of Daisy, the pantomime cow do you want to be?'

Tour de Force

Will says you've just come back from a tour in Germany Tim, like the stage outfit, wild nights in Berlin, fans screaming front of stage and then you're off again remarked Jay, " and where next, Japan or America?"

"My last tour was in Germany," added Tim quietly, "and I'm so glad Rae invited me to your barbecue to chill out for an hour or two, but before I go I need one of your special hugs mate because to be honest this really brave soldier-boy is feeling very nervous as my next tour is in...Afghanistan."

and finally: Squaresville Man

"Fab gear Daddy-O, really dig your headband, dude, groovy tie and dye T-shirt and the patterned cords are a gas," drooled Jay at Rae's 60's party, "flower power is so hep man."

"Way out man, you just don't dig it," laughed Will showing his partner Jay to the door, " you're no cool cat coming to Rae's pad as a giant daffoldil, dude, so hang loose somewhere else man, ciao babe."

That's all for now.


Carey Parrish said...

These are quite good. I'll have to find him on Twitter.


Alan Barker said...

Glad you liked them The adventures or should I say the mis-adventures of Will and Jay continue soon.

Alan B @italisalute

Alan B. said...

I am very grateful to Alan Chin for encouraging me to send these and more to him. It gave me a great boost.