Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another Trio of mini-stories from Alan Barker

Alan Barker was kind enough to send me more two-sentence stories, and I'm very pleased to share them. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Here are the three Will and Jay stories where things go a little wrong, but there is a happy ending to follow.

Cold Comfort

"Jay,I'm double-booked for my art class to-night, so go and really impress those guys who draw a line here and a line there and as it's your first time, I'll text Gino to look after you," reassured Will.

"Ah, you must be Jay," greeted Gino the tutor," thanks for standing in for your partner Will on such a cold night, you'll soon warm up in front of the radiator, but once you've undressed make sure you wear that extra thick dressing gown."

Hidden Depths

"I should never have asked Jay to stand in for me at your art class Gino and I need to apologise to him right now, but I don't know where he's hiding."

"Will, my friend, he did his best, once he got over the shock of what he had to do," replied an anxious Gino,"we even covered his embarrassment with a basket of fruit, but he was so upset I said he could stay with papa...sorry I mean Stefano and offered him our spare room above the restaurant for a while."

'Perhaps, perhaps perhaps'

Jay sat opposite Will in the stillness of the moonlit terrace on the roof of Stefano's restaurant and forgot the grains of sugar that fell into his caffe latte like too many sweet dreams from the past.

Will gathered the crumbs of his panini into a pile: sipped the last of his espresso twice and left, realising that Jay had failed to hear Doris Day whispering 'Perhaps, perhap, perhaps' through Will's ever hopeful,but troubled thoughts.

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