Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Will and Jay stories from Alan Barker

I'm so pleased to post more of Alan Barker's two sentence stories. So here, again, are the troubled twosome.


"There I was in this long queue," moaned Will to his partner Jay," when your friend Max told me to place everything on the conveyor belt, make sure I declared all my goods and what I thought was a bit much mate, insisted that I take off my shoes and belt."

"I'm sorry Will," apologised Jay, "it's taking Max a little time to adjust from being on airport security to working on a supermarket checkout, you're lucky he didn't threaten you with a strip search!"

Hole in One

"Jay, I know, it's a charity match, but I hope you didn't strike the ball so hard it rebounded off the windmill like last year," enquired Will his partner phoning him from the clubhouse as he waited tensely for a result.

"I drove the ball though the tunnel, over the bridge and down the helter-skelter in three,"an exstatic Jay replied, "so get that champagne ready mate to welcome Jay, the new Champion of the Crazy Golf Course."

and finally,

Water proof

"I thoroughly enjoyed that swim although the water was a little cold," said Will as he slowly wandered up the crowded beach to where his partner Jay lay sunbathing," and I'm sure some of those guys were staring at me because my white designer swim shorts really show off my lovely tan."

"Yes they do," chuckled Jay quickly wrapping a beach towel around him, "trouble is mate, some shorts like yours become transparent when wet, so I wonder if it was only your tan they were staring at."

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