Friday, March 18, 2011

More Will and Jay stories from Alan Barker

So a moment or three of sheer escapism, another trio of R & J's stories to enjoy from my dear friend Alan Barker.

First Date

"Happy Valentine's Day Will," toasted Jay as he filled yet another glass with their favourite Frascati wine, "remember our first date at this very table here in Stefano's restaurant four years ago when you wanted to write my cell phone number on a napkin and I just managed to find a pencil in my shoulderbag."

"Too true mate," mused Will, his partner, "and as we walked across this roof top terrace, I turned my head and you gave me a kiss on the cheek, which was cool by me considering I only turned so you could take your pencil which I had tucked behind my ear."

Doctor Strong

As a heavily bandaged Will lay silent and motionless in the hospital bed with tubes and wires attached to a bleeping machine, Jay sitting tearfully beside his bed holding his partner's hand heard Doctor Strong say to Nurse Gentle, "and this very brave soldier will not survive until morning, so as he has served his country well, the least we can do is make him as comfortable as possible in the few hours he has left."

"Cut..." said the director, "that was fine acting both of you, so go to the canteen to recover for half an hour and when you return I think we'll discuss your becoming permanent 'extras' for the rest of the series."

All the world's a stage

"Whoa, these tights are driving me mad mate," said Jay Aka Romeo, "I could have been Julius Caesar in a toga, Macbeth in a kilt, or even Puck dressed in forest greenery for this charity do at the Stage Door Club."

"Shame...and you think you've got problems," scowled Will, "I know I'm your partner, but why do I have to go as Juliet, and I bet she didn't have false boobs constantly dropping down to her waist every time she breathed!"

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