Sunday, October 30, 2011

Feeling Grateful this Weekend

Herman and I are leaving our house in the hands of our Realtor today while we go to a lunchon with some new friends in Northern California. The day is sunny and warm, indian summer is still upon us, and I'm feeling grateful.

We are having our fourth Sunday Open House today, and we're hopeful that we find a buyer so we can complete our purchase of a house in Palm Springs. Still, I keep looking around this wonderful home that I've lived in for the past thirty years and I can help feeling grateful for the time I've spent here. Life is good, and has been that way for some time.

The future is wide open, but I'm taken time now to love this present moment. Something I should do more often, I'm thinking.

Hope everyone reading this is also in a great space today. My best wishes go out to you all.


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