Saturday, February 25, 2012

Book Review: The Silent Hustler by Sean Meriwether

Reviewer: Alan Chin
Publisher: Lethe Press
Pages: 251

Sean Meriwether stitches together an impressive collection of short stories in The Silent Hustler that are visceral, unsettling, poetic, beautiful, and real. He takes a magnifying glass to the edgy side of gay life, following unique characters that seem to jump off the pages and fire the imagination.

I won’t recount every story, but suffice to say that the author flexes his considerable talent to create a series of disturbing tales that challenge the reader, both emotionally and psychologically. Be prepared to have your senses wounded and healed.

Most of these stories involve young protagonists, still exploring their own confused emotions, as well as the gritty world they find themselves battling against.

In a world where much of gay literature seems to rehash the same ideas presented by the same set of stock characters, The Silent Hustler is a fresh, cooling drink for the senses. The range of themes, diversity of characters, and variety of narrative voices keeps this book a fascinating read all the way through.

I can highly recommend this book to any reader who enjoys well-written, taut, erotic stories about young men who are not so innocent. Bravo.

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