Saturday, March 17, 2012

Endings and Beginnings.

I’ve had two stories in the works for several months now. Last week, I finished the final edits on one, The Plain of Bitter Honey, and sent it to a publisher. Now the wait begins on that story. I had sent this story to my current publisher late last year, but they turned it down because it is more an adventure story rather than a romance, and Dreamspinner Press only publishes gay romance stories. So I made another round of edits, trying to make the story even better before sending it to a new publisher. Hopefully I will hear some positive news in the next four weeks from this new publisher.

This coming week I hope to put the finishing touches on my second work-in-progress, Daddy’s Money, and send it off to Dreamspinner, because it is a gay romance. Once that happens, I will be free to start a new story.

I have several ideas floating around my head, but none that I feel definite about. I might look at working up a sequel to one of my previously published novels, or I may strike out on something entirely new. One thing I’m rather interested to do, is break away from the romance genre. I’m thinking some kind of action, intrigue, adventure story.

One idea floating around in my head is a bank robbery where one or more of the bank robbers are gay. Not sure on that idea. I had a great story planned that had to do with DADT, but now that the law has been overturned, I’m not sure I still want to write it.

Bottom line, I’m not sure what I will be writing next, but I’m sure some story idea will grab me by the throat and force me to write it. Until then, I’m simply going to enjoy my down time.

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