Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Review Policy

To the writers who have sent me books to review, the writers who are thinking of sending me books, and to the readers who enjoy my reviews, I’d like to fill you in on a few changes that I believe will be ongoing.

To give you some background, I should explain how I used to work. I normally write from 7am to noon. After lunch and spending a few hours with my husband, I read lgbtq-themed novels for two to three hours, spend a few hours writing blogs, socializing on FB and Twitter, and generally promoting my books. At night before sleep, I normally read another twenty pages. That schedule has allowed me to read/review three to four books per month. (Yes, I read at a glacial pace.)

But that was last year’s routine, and this year I seem to have developed a new schedule. You see, I’ve recently moved to a new city, and I’m finding that my husband and I now have an active social life. We have a host of new friends and old that we are spending time playing tennis, hiking, biking, dining, and bee-bopping round town. That’s great for us, but it cuts my reading time by half or more.

The other issue that is effecting my review output is how many non-lgbtq-themed books I read. For the last two years the books I’ve read have almost exclusively been lgbtq books that I review. But I’m now feeling the need to inject more non-lgbt books into my reading. I’m thinking every other book with be non-lgbt.

Bottom line: I expect my output this year to be under twenty books, rather than the forty to fifty of previous years. If you have sent me a book, please be patient. I will get to it.

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