Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Island Song Cast of Characters

A new edition of my debut novel, Island Song, was released last year. I thought it would be fun to give readers a list of characters found in that story.

This story was awarded the QBliss Magazine 2008 Excellence In Literature Award.

Dreamspinner buy link: http://tinyurl.com/8x6pkdm
Amazon buy link: http://tinyurl.com/6lmaah8

The blurb:
After watching his lover’s long and painful slide into death, there is no peace for Garrett Davidson. Grief eats at him. In a desperate bid to survive, he flees to a secluded Hawaiian refuge. There he intends to write a memoir about his relationship with Marc, hoping the process will bring closure, restore his sanity, and kick-start a career in writing. 

He meets a captivating island native, Songoree, who offers promises of enlightenment and spiritual healing—but Garrett can only achieve it by abandoning his personal history. Can Garrett endure an excruciating journey that will tear him to pieces, wreak havoc among his friends, and break his despairing heart? Is it possible to attain fulfillment, even love, by surrendering everything you cherish? To survive, Garrett must find the answers.

Garrett Davidson is a man running away from the world after the death of his lover. He is consumed by guilt and grief. He moves to a lonely shack on the north shore of the big island, Hawaii, where he meets Songoree (Song), a local surfer. With Song’s help, Garrett tries to pull himself out of the depths of depression and back into the world of the living.  But everyone he knows is pulling him in different directions, including a crazy old kahuna that thinks Garrett is some kind of new savior.

Songoree (Song) is a Hawaiian surfer with royal blood flowing in his veins. He is apprentice to Grandfather, the local kahuna who has a plot to use Garrett for his own ends, and it is Song’s job to lure Garrett into their scheme. Songoree takes a job as Garrett’s housekeeper/cook in order to have daily contact with Garrett, but then things fall apart when Song develops feelings for his employer. When that happens, Song’s surfer buddies turn against him, and Song becomes the target of homophobic hate.

Grandfather comes from a long line of spiritual men, and he holds the secret to the survival of all humanity. In order to put his this ancient plan into motion, a plan to save the world, he must find the right person—The Speaker—to carry his message to all mankind. He thinks Garrett is that Speaker, but must play him like a fish to lure him into his scheme.  Grandfather will risk all in order to snare Garrett.

Hap is an old rummy who’s been kicking around the islands for forty years. He owns a fishing boat, but never works harder than he needs to. He has a taste for liquor and the easy life, but when he gets caught up in Grandfather’s plot, he finds that life is definitely not easy.

Mother Kamamalu is the matriarch of all the Hawaiian people, descended from King Kamehameha. She is enormous, five times the size of a normal woman, and represents the soul of Hawaii. She is Song’s mother, and she will do anything to protect him.

Audrey is a graduate student studying the Kahuna Anaana warriors, a band of spiritual men who used to be very powerful in the islands before the Christians came. She has heard rumors that Grandfather still practices their ways, but can’t get him to open up. But then she sees Garrett has a special relationship with Grandfather, and sees a way to use Garrett to get to the old man.

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