Thursday, June 28, 2012

You Go Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has restored my faith in how our government works, by about the width of an eyelash.  I’m feeling good about the Obamacare decision today.

I’ve been ranting to friends for a long time that we need new blood on the bench, that having these old fossils, decades past their prime, making decisions that affect our lives is wrong.  Corporations retire people once they hit their mid-sixties because people begin that down hill slide, get stuck in old thinking, and can’t see new ways to think about things.

This law that states these people are on the bench for life, no matter how much they go against public sentiment, is just wrong. There should be an easy way to retire these people if public sentiment goes against them. If we can impeach a president, we should be able to retire a Supreme Court Justice.

I realize they need to be able to make decisions without the threat of politics hanging over them, but they also need to keep the will of the people in mind. They are there to interpret the law of the land in such a way that it benefits the people they serve.

I would love to see some younger Justices on the bench.

My $0.02

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