Monday, October 22, 2012

A Gathering of Hogs

This past weekend, Palm Springs enjoyed its annual biker’s jamboree, and an estimated gathering of over 5,000 Harley Hogs filled the streets with lustrous chrome and the throaty roar of four-cycle engines.

The town blocked off Palm Canon Drive, the main business street, for an all-weekend street fair that included rock bands, numerous food vendors, and goodie stalls offering everything from Harley handlebars to leather chaps. Hoards of bikers looking like ZZ Top milled around, guzzling beer, eating Polish dogs, and groovin’ to some ’80 tunes. 

Judging from the elaborate paint and chrome jobs on most of these motorcycles, it’s easy to see that these bikers take serious pride in their sport, pouring tens of thousands of dollars into their rides to make them over-the-top show-pieces. Gone are the days of simply cruising down the highway to feeling the wind in you face and the rumble of power between your legs. Biking has turned into a competition to see who has the flashiest ride.

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