Thursday, October 25, 2012

Small Town Parade

Yesterday I was riding my bike downtown and came across a sizable parade on Palm Canon Drive, the main business street in Palm Springs. The unusual thing about this parade was that the participants were all young people, ranging in age from kindergarten to high school seniors. Many were dressed in Halloween costumes, many performed in the high school and junior high marching bands, and tons more participated in dance groups.

It was a high-spirited celebration of youth, with the parents, shop owners, and tourists standing at the curb and cheering as the children marched by. It seemed like every local kid and every school joined the fun because there were thousands of marchers.

I’ve been living here less than a year, but I have fallen in love with the small-town feel of this place I now call home, Palm Springs. I’ve never lived anywhere else where the entire town comes out to honor their youth by giving them the chance to express themselves through music and dance with the whole town cheering them on.

This place has a real sense of community, and I love being part of it.

You can check out our high school marching band here:

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