Monday, October 1, 2012

Letting Creativity Flow

I’m feeling great today. A few months ago, while I was writing every day and making progress toward the midpoint in my wip novel, I started a short story that was burning a hole in my head. I would work on the novel in the a.m., and the short story in the p.m.

But as often happens when I work on two projects at once, the characters and plots became muddled in my head, both competing for my attention. I decided to put the novel on hold for the time it took me to crank out the 1st draft of the short story.

The short story ended up being slightly over sixty pages and took me five weeks to write. The good news is, I completed that first draft on Saturday, and now I’ll put it away for a month or so while I go back to my novel.

I feel like I will need several days of reading and editing the novel just to become intimate with the main characters again. I need to reignite that passion for that particular story, which I expect to take both time and work.

That extra effort will be worth it, I’m sure, because I’m thrilled with how my short story, Handcarved Elephants, turned out. I had a clear idea of the ending I wanted, but as often happens with me, as I drove toward the crisis and resolution, things took a turn for the better, and the characters led me to a slightly different, much more satisfying ending.

That really is one of the things about writing that I love the most, when I let creativity bubble up and flow through me, presenting something so much better than my conscious, calculating mind envisioned.

And now it’s time to plop my butt in a chair for a few hours and crank out some words.

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