Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Coming In December: Daddy’s Money

Tuesdays are the days I get to showcase my work on this blog, even on Election Day. So today, I’d like to give everyone a peek at my new novel, Daddy’s Money which will be released by Dreamspinner Press in mid-December. I’m showing two covers for the book because I narrowed it down to these two, but I’m not sure which one Dreamspinner finally went with.

Everyone needs a little help now and then. For gay Muslim Sayen Homet, that help first came from his understanding mother, who brought him to America from the Middle East. Now that he’s working his way through Stanford Medical School, his help comes from a secret sugar daddy. But Sayen might be able to end their arrangement soon now that he has a boyfriend he can depend on, A student Campbell Reardon. Campbell is more than willing to support Sayen, even if it means coming out to his conservative family.

But when Campbell takes Sayen home to meet his parents, everything falls apart. Campbell doesn’t realize how his boyfriend pays for school… and neither of them knows Sayen’s sugar daddy is Campbell's father, Blake.

While everyone involved struggles to overcome their shock, it becomes obvious Blake will do anything to keep Sayen. Campbell and Sayen love each other, but in the face of so much hurt and betrayal, love might not be enough to hold them together.

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