Thursday, November 22, 2012

Something Different

Rather than list all the things I'm thankful for on this day, like every other blog post, I'm going to do something different. Enjoy, and have a fantastic Thanksgiving.

Lies I’m Tired Of Hearing
-       America is the land of equal opportunity.
-       Same-sex marriage is a threat to traditional marriage, society or to children.
-       The GOP is the party of fiscal responsibility.
-       I've read the terms and conditions.
-       This will just take a minute.
-       I’ll email you and have you over for dinner.
-       I will keep this short and sweet.
-       The Bible is the Word of God.
-       You’re 60? Wow, I thought you were ten years younger.
-       I'm really sorry.

Lies I tell myself
-       I will never drink again.
-       I’m a better writer than so-and-so.
-       I don’t care if my books don’t sell a million copies. I write for the pleasure of writing.

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