Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Special Holiday Note

I’ve received a lot of holiday cards and emails from friends and fans over the last few weeks. But one actually had me tearing up a bit, not so much from what it said, but from who (and where) it came from.

You see, earlier in the year my novel The Lonely War was translated into Chinese and published in Taiwan. The following note came from my first known Chinese fan.

Dear Alan Chin:
Hello, merry x'mas & happy new year, I'm the reader from Taiwan, I bought this bookThe Lonely War,the story is amazing and so sad in the end...
hope there will be more your novels translated into Chinese and sell in Taiwan!
I believe all the people have the (same) right to love the person you love and the one who love you.
Sorry for my poor English if there have any grammar mistake...

Feel glad to receive the mail from you, hope you keep writing those meaningful stories:)

I think I'm going to frame this one. 

Merry Christmas to all


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