Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Blues Day

Today is one of the rare days that I don’t sit for four or five hours working on my work-in-progress manuscript. I’m having a blues day that started late last night and ended up with me not sleeping, at all.

Normally, I like to work through these periods of depression or when I’m simply feeling under the weather. Writing helps me get back on track. But with no sleep, I simply can’t face that blank page. I’d rather not write than to write poorly.

Perhaps part of this feeling is that I’m drawing toward the end of the first draft—only six more scenes to write—and I feel strongly for these characters and this story. I don’t want to give them anything less than my best. As with all my previous manuscripts, I have trouble telling what is good from what is crap because I am so close to all of it, but I still try to make is all my best.

So today I’ll take a book to the park and try and screw my head back on right. The manuscript will wait patiently for my return (hopefully) tomorrow.

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