Monday, January 7, 2013

A Very Gay Public Service Announcement

I belong to an online literary group that brings together writers and readers of lgbtq fiction. This group, we lovingly call the GWR tribe, sponsors two excellent web sites that showcase lgbtq fiction, both new releases and old, from a wide array of writers.

The first site features excerpts from the latest gay and lesbian fiction. A new excerpt is posted each Monday morning, and is showcased all week. These excerpts are a little taste of heaven from the works of many talented writers. Please check it out at: If you enjoy good fiction, I’m confident you’ll find plenty there that will twirl your skirt.

The second site is all about reviews, reviews, reviews. All the books reviewed on this site are from lgbtq writers and/or have lgbtq content. Novels, short stories, YA, and poetry from over a hundred gifted writers and poets. The author list makes it easy to zero in on all the reviews of your favorite author. Check it out at:  And for additional information on each book/author reviewed, a link to that author’s web site is provided at the end of each review.

If you enjoy reading fine fiction, please become a follower of these sites and stay abreast of all the latest books being published by a dozen gay publishers.

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Birdmischief said...

Thank you so much for recommending these sites, Alan! I always respect your writing and your views on fiction, so these links are likely to prove a treasure trove. I look forward very much to checking them out and finding some lovely things to read. :)