Thursday, January 10, 2013

I’m Having An I-Told-You-So Moment

I began using Facebook years ago, as a means of keeping track of my friends and also getting the word out about my books. What I didn’t realize when I started using it, was how many new friends I would make because of using FB, or how easy it would be to keep tabs on a large number of people I care about.

I now have over 1,600 followers on FB, about 10,000 on twitter, and the numbers keep steadily growing. I spend anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours each day reading and posting on these applications. And there in lay the rub. You see, my husband, Herman, has often complained loud and long over the time I spend (he says I waste) on FB. For years he’s made fun of me to our friends using patronizing tones.

Now the tide has turned. Last night, Herman finally setup a page for himself on Facebook. He wanted a means to communicate with a handful of certain people, all of which are members of FB.  So I helped him set up his page, gave him some tips on posting and navigating, and then turned him loose. He spent the next four hours at it, smiling, laughing at what his new friends had posted, and communicating with them.

He was amazed at how many old friends, people he hadn’t talked to in years, came out of the woodwork to friend him and welcome him to FB. He was thrilled. He spent another two hours this morning catching up on all the people who commented on his posts. Now he’s driving me crazy asking all kinds of questions. After less than twelve hours, he has over thirty followers and counting.

I have not, and I will not, tell him, “I told you so.” But I am thinking it. lol

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