Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Perfect Cure for Jetlag

I love to travel. Herman and I have traveled the world almost every year for the past fifteen years.  We’ve visited over forty-five countries, and had countless experiences that to us are priceless.

We are on the road again, currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand. But of course, travel does have its drawbacks.  From the time we left our home in the capable hands of our house sitters, we spent twenty-three hours on a cattle-car A380 jet (that Airbus double decker that holds 500 passengers) that is the most uncomfortable commercial plane in the air, and we spent another twelve hours sitting in airports between flights.

So after thirty-five hours of travel, crossing a dozen time zones, and gagging on tasteless airline food, we got hit big time with jetlag. But this time, we found the perfect cure for the dreaded three-day time-hangover.

When we arrived in Chiang Mai, two friends who live here half the year took us to a Thai massage place (not the kind with the happy endings). They treated us to a 2-hr massage that was a big, sugary slice of heaven.  If you don’t know, Thai massage brings as much pain as it does pleasure because they do deep tissue work.

I could barely walk after that workout. We had a truly lovely meal on top of it, and off to bed. We slept all through the night and now have no trace of jetlag.

In case you’re wondering about the price of the cure? In Thailand, the going rate is 100 baht per hour (about three dollars.) So six bucks plus a generous tip, and we avoided jet lag. That’s what I think of as a ‘Happy Ending.’

For me, I count that as one of those priceless experiences. 

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