Thursday, January 3, 2013

Things I Take For Granted

Since New Year’s Day I’ve been struggling to shake a head cold that moved down into my chest, leaving me weak and feeling miserable.  To add to this misery, I’ve had out-of-town houseguests, a gay couple I’ve always enjoyed spending time with. This trip, however, I’ve had to keep my distance from them so as not to infect them with my germs.

I don’t deal with illness well because I seldom get sick. On these rare times that I fall ill, I’m always reminded that good health is our most precious gift. It is something I rarely think about until I don’t have it.

So during this start to 2013, I’m feeling a little bit grateful for this reminder that my main resolution is to take care of my body—daily exercise, healthy food, no alcohol.

And, of course, I’m sending out a prayer for everyone to have a healthy, safe, and joyful start to the year. 

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