Monday, March 11, 2013

Jurassic Park, For Real

Herman and I saw something interesting while strolling through Bangkok’s Lumpini park. Several six-foot-long Monitor Lizards. There are about 200 of them living in the lake and canals in the center of the park. Some checking online confirmed that they can grow up to ten feet long.

Standing there watching them, I could hear the music of Jurassic Park running through my head.

We were both shocked that these creatures roam wild in the park because their saliva contains lethal bacteria that will infect the wound should they happen to bite...nasty stuff...can be lethal!

A while back there was a brouhaha to remove the lizards because one fell out of a tree and injured the woman sitting under it. The local citizens made a loud stink that it was the woman’s fault for not being more cautious about where she parked her behind. Bottom line: the lizards got to say in the park.

Had that happened in the USA, the woman would have sued the park for two hundred million dollars and settled for sixty million, the park would have went bankrupt and the taxpayers would have bailed it out, and the lizards would have been exterminated. 

You gotta love Thai people. 

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