Monday, April 29, 2013

Disney leading the way in Japan Same-sex Equality

I ran across an interesting article on the web this week. The headline reported:
Japan: Thousands march in Tokyo in support of LGBT rights

Yes I did enjoy reading that 12,000 people marched in the lgbt Pride Parade. That is welcome news in itself, considering how Japan frowns on gay people. I’ve spent a lot of time in Tokyo and Kyoto, and know first hand how closeted and secretive the gay people must be there. The culture does everything to make gay people invisible. So it warms my heart that so many people marched in the Pride Parade, and that it is a week-long celebration.

The thing that really interested me, however, was that the parade organizer, Hiroko Masuhara, and his partner, Koyuki Higashi, became the first gay couple to get married at Tokyo Disney last month, undeterred by the lack of legal recognition for same-sex partnership in Japan. That was startling news, not so much that they got married, but that the Disney corporation decided to go against the wishes of the Japanese government and perform same-sex marriages at the park.

I have long known that Disney has positive attitudes and policies for my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters. But now my level of respect for Disney has taken a huge leap. I’m very proud that an American corporation is taking the lead in helping bring equality to a nation that oppresses its gay people.

One step at a time, my brothers and sisters. We will gain equality for everyone on the planet, one step at a time. Let’s all just keep marching toward the goal. 

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