Wednesday, June 26, 2013

RIP DOMA & Prop H8

I normally post a writing tip on Wednesdays, but not today. It's an historic day for the equality movement in America. I’m so ecstatic that I can’t even begin to think about writing, writing tips, or any other damned thing.

I know that the equality fight in this country is far from over, yet in California (11% of the country) we are there. We are also there in a dozen other states. The high court has ruled that there is no reason to deny gay and lesbian couples the right to marry because it harms NO ONE. This will be the base for future rulings as, state by state, these trials are brought to the courts.

I’m thrilled and grateful. I’m most grateful to the men and women who have tirelessly worked every step of the way to defend the dream of equality in America. They are true heroes. These are the people we should be writing books about.

I’m also grateful to Barak Obama and his administration. They have applied pressure to drive these changes forward. Obama’s attitude change has transformed the thinking in people across the nation and across the world. He, also, is a hero. He is a man who leads with courage, unlike so many others in Washington.

Have a great, historic day and help keep the dream alive and moving forward.

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