Saturday, June 1, 2013

Vacation in France/Italy

I’ve not been posting this last week because I’ve been suffering from jetlag and a lack of Internet. All that has changed, however, now that I’m on a ship drifting down the Rhone River, through the heart of France’s wine country.

Herman and I spent a delightful week in Paris with friends, then another three days in Lyon. I’ve easily gained five pounds, even though we’re walking miles each day. I don’t know how the locals stay so slim. Now we are all happily adrift, enjoying the fruits of the region, stopping at charming towns along the river as we make our way to Monaco.

It is unseasonably cold and wet in France this spring, yet we suffer on. Someone needs to guzzle down all this Beaujolais, not to mention the fabulous scenery.

We will be spending a total of two weeks in France, another two weeks in in Venice and Rome.

So for the next few weeks my blog post will be few, but I will make an effort to post some pictures of this fabulous landscape and the charming people we meet. 

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