Friday, August 30, 2013

Goodbye Summer Heat

 Here in the deserts of Palm Springs temperatures rise above 100 degrees by May, and stay in the 105 to 110 range through the summer. For a few weeks every year the temps spike up to 115, and this year we experienced a few 120+ days. Despite the heat, summer continues to be a favorite time of year for me.

I spend my mornings in my office writing, and my afternoon by the pool reading and swimming. Because so many residents flee north to escape the heat, and shop and restaurants close, June thru August tends to be very quiet in this city. It’s like the town goes into hibernation. It’s a very productive time for me with my writing because there is little else to do.

I’m a person who likes to walk, but during the hot months I restrict my walking to early mornings or after the sun drops behind the mountains. It’s simply too easy to suffer a sunstroke by walking in the heat of day here. I honestly can’t understand how the gardeners in this town are able to work through the afternoon heat.

This week the temps dropped into the high nineties, and it looks like a cooling trend is upon us. I’m just finishing my second summer here. Although part of me is sorry to see it go, I feel a bit of relief that the extreme heat is over for another year.

Now the town will return to normal, shops and restaurants will open back up, residents will return, the Canadians will soon flock down to escape the cold. The social scene will revive and the dinner parties will start up again. I’ll be able to get back out on the tennis court. I’m ready for all that to happen. Change can be good.

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