Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Delightful Surprise From A Reader

Tuesdays are the days I showcase my own work on this blog. Today I’d like to share some artwork and a note that a reader, Janet Sidelinger, shared after reading my second novel, The Lonely War. Like any writer, I love hearing from appreciative readers, but this note and drawing made my whole week. Loved it.

Janet wrote:
Hi, Alan - I just wanted to share last Tuesday's inspiration with you because you were a large part of it, and might get a kick out of it.

I am (very obviously) not an artist, but I have enjoyed submitting these weekly doodles for DoodleTuesday/You Will Rise project. Anyway, last week's doodle was created on the heels of having read "The Lonely War", which was very much on my mind especially because Andrew broke my heart. The story was poignant and very lovingly written. I think because I am half Japanese, I was particularly affected by the setting, historical context, and characters. Thank you for writing it. I very much enjoy your novels.

“Common souls pay with what they do, nobler souls with that which they are. And why? Because a profound nature awakens in us by their actions and words, by their very looks and manners. — excerpt from "The Lonely War" ~Alan Chin

Thank You, Janet. I'm delighted and very grateful.

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Janet said...

Thank you for your lovely story, Alan. It's such a haunting and beautiful novel.