Monday, October 14, 2013

Republicans March Bravely Toward Irrelevance

As a Buddhist, I try not to focus or comment on the happenings in our country’s capital. It swings one way for a while, and then back the other way, and I can only hope we as a country manage to make progress in enriching people’s lives.

I believe that most of the elected officials are looking after their own interests first, their financial supporters second, their voters third, and the country’s interest comes in a distant fourth or fifth if at all. That’s simply human nature, the nature of greed, of preservation.

But like many people across the country, I’ve noticed a change in the politics lately. This move to shut down the government (which did nothing more than give 800,000 works a paid vacation) seems like nothing more than the Republicans trying desperately to show their defiance of the Affordable Healthcare Act for the benefit of securing support of the far right voters in this country.

The fact that Congress’s approval rating has dropped to the lowest percentage ever, and most of the country is predominantly blaming the GOP, means the Republicans are becoming stronger with the far right, but losing the middle.

If the GOP voter support drops to say, 30% of the country in 2014, do they have any hope of winning enough seats to remain relevant? I’m convinced that the Democrats are secretly thrilled that the GOP is making this unpopular stand, and the longer the Dems hold strong in not making a deal, the lower the GOP approval rating fall.

It makes me wonder if this country will ever see a one-party system?

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