Thursday, November 14, 2013

CONGRATULATIONS to my friends in Hawaii

I would just like to say CONGRATULATIONS to all my gay friends in Hawaii for becoming the sixteenth state in the union to adopt equality in marriage. 

Most straight people can’t begin to imagine what an important difference it makes in the way gay people see themselves and, more importantly, the way non-gays view us.

I believe that it’s a very shameful thing when people, particularly groups of people, convince themselves that they are inherently better than other people. It’s simply not true, and never has been. It’s always been my complaint with Christians, although they are clearly not the only people who stand on self-erected pedestals and look down on the rest of mankind. In truth, we all do it to some degree, so we all take part in the shame.

But today, let’s you and me try to see everyone, every creature, as equal. For today, let you and me live by the golden rule, and give more respect to everyone than we receive. When you stop and think that we are all made up of the same life energy, you realize the folly of making value judgments. 

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