Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Signing Books At Palms Springs Pride

I normally don’t make public appearances to do book signings and readings. I’m a bit too shy for that sort of thing. But one event I enjoy is signing books at the Palm Springs Pride fair, and I do it every year.

It’s an opportunity for me to mingle with lots of my friends, both locals and out-of-towners, who show up at Pride every year. I don’t sell a lot of books—I think I only sold twelve this year—but I chat with old friends and make lots of new friends. I also get to hang out with several other authors for two days, which is always a treat because I love to talk shop.

This year we had a ball. The weather was perfect, just hot enough for all the hot men to go shirtless, so there was lots of eye candy. Below are a few snapshots of the signing. My husband and myself under rainbow balloons. 

My husband and myself under rainbow balloons.

Author Kage Alan and myself

Rick at Q-Trading Bookstore in Palm Springs

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