Monday, December 2, 2013

Fell Off The Wagon, Landed On My Head

The holidays are a time when we all indulge to some degree, sometime too much, sometimes way too much. After a week of traveling through Northern California to visit family, friends, and ex-lovers, we came home Sunday because houseguests were arriving Sunday evening.

We threw a dinner party for our guests, inviting two other couples for a total of eight people. Everyone began drinking martinis, and somehow I let the festive mood talk me into drinking one, which led to a glass of red wine over dinner as well. I’ve gotten to be such a cheap date. Two drinks and I was flying high without a parachute.

My bad. I slept poorly and now I’m sporting a headache that’s keeping me from writing today.  I’ve learned this lesson so many times that I should know to run the other way once the drinks start pouring.  So three Advil later, I’m crawling back on the wagon.

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