Monday, December 16, 2013

The NOH8 Campaign 5th Anniversary Celebration

The NoH8 campaign held a gala celebrations this past weekend to celebrate five years of activism and a monumental year for LGBT history.

I would like to personally give a HUGE thanks to the Mormon Church for supporting Prop 8 with 70 million bucks back in ‘08. Because of you, the NOH8 campaign was launched, and now 17 states have Marriage Equality! That was money well spent.

Oh, delicious irony. Another helping, please.

Yes, why spend that money where Jesus would have spent it, feeding the hungry or healing the sick. Yes, it was spent on the wonderful perception that Jesus of Nazareth was a bigot who thought that white people should own black people and that the elitism, exclusion and bigotry practiced by the dominant species against women, gays, non-whites, environmentalists, atheists and non-Christians is divinely authorized. Do I hear a hallelu-jah?

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