Saturday, April 19, 2014

Wedding On Easter Weekend

Herman and I are in San Francisco this weekend to attend the wedding of two dear friends that have been partners for over thirty years. Not sure I will ever get over the glow of contentment every time I hear of two men getting married. It’s especially wonderful when I happen to know and respect the couple.

We, of course, are here for much more than the ceremony. Every lunch and dinner is booked with friends. We’re catching up with all our wonderful friends and family who we only see a couple of times a year now that we live in Palm Springs. So this is a busy and joyful weekend for us.

This is a joyous time for many Americans, with family gatherings and time off from work or school. I’m wishing everyone a grand time this Easter. May you be blessed with the happiness and love that will sustain you through the year.

Let the party begin. 

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