Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Which Book Should I Read First?

Tuesdays are the days I showcase my own work on this blog. Today, I’d like to share an email I recently sent to an old friend. We lived in the same apartment building thirty years ago, and lost track of each other after I moved away. Thanks to the magic of FB, we reconnected. When she found out I have published seven novels, she asked a question I get asked frequently: Which book should I read first? A simple question, yet the answer (below) is complicated.

Hi Susan,

Thank you for taking an interest in my work.

Which story you should read first (assuming you would want to read another after reading one J) depends on your interests.

If you like historical novels, then The Lonely War is set in WWII Pacific. It won awards for best novel, best historical, best characters, and best setting at the 2010 Rainbow Literary Awards.

If you like romance, then I would suggest Match Maker or Daddy’s Money. Match Maker won an award for best contemporary novel at the 2011 Rainbow Literary Awards. Daddy’s Money, however, adheres more closely to the strictures of a romance novel.

If you are interested in family stories, Butterfly’s Child is the story of a gay dad coming to terms with his teenaged son. It’s a modern western, which takes place on a horse ranch in Nevada.

My latest published novel is, I believe, my best writing and my most interesting story. The Plain of Bitter Honey is a futuristic novel, set in 2055 California. It is the story of twin brothers, one straight and one gay, both fighting a corrupt government. It has been short-listed for the ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Award in the Sci-Fi category, which is kind of a big deal. It is, however, a very dark story. I’ve talked to some of my readers who did not finish it because it so dark and deeply emotional. That’s a shame because it has an uplifting ending.

You can get a taste of all my novels at http://alanchin.net where I give blurbs, reviews, and the first few chapters of each book.

All my books are available on Amazon in every eBook format and in paperback.

Hope you enjoy,

Hugs back at you,


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C. Zampa said...

I understand your friend's issue! It's all beautiful reading, just which to pick, which to pick.

For me? Butterfly's Child is in my file, asking to be read.