Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Job I’m So Glad I No Longer Do – Until Now

My novel, First Exposure, is being released on Aug. 9th, so I thought it would be good to update my website with the information and links about this new book. I maintain the site myself because I spent twenty years in the IT industry, and know just enough about HTML to get myself in trouble, not to mention frustrate myself to the end of my rope.

When I checked the website, I found it needed much more than added information. It needed a total facelift. It became all too clear why hoards of readers visit my site, yet so few of them actually buy my books. The site looks sloppy and amateurish, something that was fine in the mid-90s, but not right for now.

So this job will take several days of my devoted time. Hopefully, once I’m done, it will become a site that readers will feel comfortable browsing.

Doubtless I should pay a professional to build me a really snazzy site, yet I make so little money off my book sales, I can’t justify pouring thousands of dollars into making my site pretty, even if means a modest bump in sales.

So hopefully you’ll give me to the end of this week, and then check out my new site. I welcome any feedback.

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