Monday, July 7, 2014

The PS Party Is Over Until Sept.

Palm Springs celebrated in style over the Independence Day weekend. Hordes of people on the streets and filling the restaurants, naked pool parties in hundreds of backyards, the smell of hotdogs and burgers drifting on the air, and a rather noteworthy fireworks display.

Now Palm Springs seems more like a ghost town. The hordes have fled and won’t be back until the daily temperatures drop into the double digits. This morning when Herman and I went for our sunrise walk at 6am, the temp was already 88 degrees. It was over ninety when we completed our four-mile trek and will reach 108 by midafternoon. So the temp highs will stay in the triple digits until mid-September, and that’s when the tourists and many locals will return.

Herman and I actually love Palm Springs in summer. Yes the weather is a little oppressive, and we spend more time indoors than we’ll like. However, the town is quite. It’s almost like having the place to ourselves and the few brave souls to hunker down to enjoy the heat.

One way we beat the heat is to take the tram up the mountain. A five minute drive and a ten minute tram ride puts us on hiking trails in temps that are forty degrees cooler than the valley floor. At least once a week we load up backpacks with food and books, and spend the day on the mountain. It’s a great break from the heat.

Also, spending so much more time indoors means getting more work done.  I’m hoping that this summer will prove a very productive time of no parties, no clubbing, no weekends at the coast, just lots of work on my new manuscript, and also preparing for the release (Aug. 9th) of my next novel, First Exposure.

Yes, I love summers in the desert.

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