Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ebola Situation in the USA

The last few weeks’ coverage of the Ebola situation in the USA has reinforced something that I’ve known for many years. That the media has made most Americans frightened little pussies. That’s why they carry guns, they’re terrified of everything, and owning guns give them a false sense of power.

Please don’t get me wrong. The threat of exposure and death due to Ebola for people living in West Africa is both tremendous and heartbreaking, and I believe we should be doing everything possible to help fight the spread Ebola, and treat those already infected. But the risk for Americans living in the USA, is next to nothing, yet the media has everyone’s panties in a wad. Fear is rampant, and growing by the day. Our politicians and media personalities are cashing in, pointing fingers at anyone they can blame. Even those “Christians For Michele Bachmann” are cashing in, saying God sent Ebola to punish us for marriage equality. The level of ignorance of people in this country is astounding, and it’s never more visible than when people are panicked.

I also find it interesting that the federal government, back under Ronald Reagan, refused to even comment on the AIDS epidemic until over 20,000 people had died, yet three people in the US contract Ebola, and we’re sending in troops and everyone is demanding immediate action. But then, back then only gay men and drug addicts were at risk…. Enough said on that score.

When I think of the things that Americans really should be fearful about, things that actually kill Americans, Ebola is low on the list, if you are living in the USA.

Heart disease and cancer are the #1 and #2 killers in the US, collectively responsible for 50% of American deaths. But how many people have given up smoking, alcohol, fast foods, and fried foods? How many people exercise daily, eat healthy? This is something everyone has power over, yet so few actually do something about.

Traffic accidents are responsible for over 34,000 deaths each year. But people still drive after drinking, and nitwits think nothing of speeding and rolling though stop signs. So why aren’t we making tougher laws and pulling people’s driver’s licenses after the first offence?

Guns kill 30,000 Americans each year. Several hundred from accidents, 10,000 from homicides, and the rest from suicide. So why are so few people actively trying to limit gun ownership? Why do people let the NRA call the shots?

Climate change poses the greatest near-term harm to Americans. Over the next 100 years, that could include deadly heat waves, droughts, flooding, and a rise in sea levels wiping out coastal cities. So why do we continue to drive, drive, drive our cars, pumping ton after ton of pollutants into the atmosphere?  Why do we still burn coal for electricity, instead of going solar from coast to coast?

The flu kills thousands of Americans every year. An especially bad outbreak in 2004 killed 48,000 Americans, yet only a small percentage of people get flu shots. Why so few?

And yet, 3 people in Texas come down with Ebola and the whole country foams at the mouth. Every news channel talks about nothing else, whipping people into a frenzy. My level of respect for the American public drops by the day. Rather than running scared, we should be doing everything possible to help the victims in West Africa.

My message to Americans: Stop trembling in your boots, get off your fat asses, and insist that the American Red Cross and the World Health Organization has the resources and leadership to solve this problem in Africa where people really are dying.

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Carey Parrish said...

My sentiments exactly. Three out of 310 million people in the USA are confirmed to have the Ebola virus. It was obviously some breach in infection control and prevention protocol at the Texas hospital which caused the workers there to be at risk because of the two patients treated in Atlanta and the one in Nebraska prior to this event, no nurses or other healthcare professionals from those hospitals got sick. Yet the media has the zombie apocalypse at our front doors.

Another thing, where was all this hysteria and activism back when AIDS became such a pandemic? It wasn't until Rock Hudson got sick and then died that our government even expressed an interest in AIDS research. I'm really appalled by the entire debacle.

I believe Ebola could become a serious threat to Americans under the right conditions but I do not foresee those circumstances becoming reality. Maybe it's the nurse in me being overly confident but I think our healthcare system can manage patients with Ebola. Great post, Alan.