Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My New Webpage Address: AlanChinAuthor.com

It’s been a frustrating week. My website hosting company, Lucas Valley Cable, went out of business and brought my website (alanchin.net) down.

After researching other hosting companies, I signed on with Web Hosting Hub. But when I tried to move my domain name (alanchin.net) to the new company, Web Hosting Hub’s software and customer support claimed that I had an invalid authorization code, and they could not give me that same domain address. When I insisted their customer service department help me fix it, they told me it was my issue to solve because their hands were tied.

When the head honcho of customer service contacted me to asked how my experience with his team went, I told him I thought his service sucked. He sent me a two-page email explaining how his department strived in every way to give top customer service, blah blah blah. I replied saying: my idea of customer service was that his people A) understand the technical issues and problems, B) own the problem, and C) FIX the problem. So far his team was batting 0 for 3.

I also explained that, based on his email, he did a fine job of talking the talk. Unfortunately, I failed to see any walking going on by either him or his team. So as far as I was concerned, his service still sucked.

They pointed me to another company, Melbourne IP, saying they owned the account and would help me. Melbourne IP gave me the same runaround and pointed me to another company, Scena, who owned the account. Scena’s customer service rep told me he couldn’t find my account on record. At that point I really wanted to hurt someone. If I hadn’t already paid for a year’s service, I would have found a different company.

After five days of chasing my tail, I decided to take the easy route and simply create a new domain name. I created a website called AlanChinAuthor.Com and rebuilt my website. Luckily, everything is working except the feature that sends free story requests and comments to my email address. I’ll work on getting that fixed this afternoon.

So if you have a moment, please check out my new website at: http://alanchinauthor.com/


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