Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Good Morning, Bangkok

Yesterday was one long-ass day. Left the house at 7:30am, with Jimmy driving us to the airport. Twenty-six hours later, we arrived at our hotel in Silom, Bangkok. Didn’t sleep on the plane, but did manage to watch five movies, one of which was terrific (I Origins), two others that were enjoyable, (Chiefs, Begin Again) and two that were basically “Hollywood” duds (Grand Budapest Hotel, And So It Goes). In And So It Goes, Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton had zero chemistry and a tired cliché plot. Keaton has done too many of these types of slick comedy/romance movies, all of which were better than this one.

The one thing I’m completely sure of at this moment is that the older I grow, the harder jetlag hits me. I soon may need to take shorter hops to get to a destination. Takes more time and money, but so much easier on the body.

I managed to get a lot of reading in. I’m reading Isherwood on Writing, which presents Christopher Isherwood’s lecture series on writing he gave at various universities in Southern California during the early sixties. After having read his diaries of that time in his life, I’m really enjoying his personal views on his writing processes, which during that time in his life were mostly autobiographical. I do love his writing, and I will need to re-read A Single Man as soon as I return to California.

Jetlag aside, I’m thrilled to be back in Thailand. Love this culture, people, cuisine. I’ll be here for two months before moving on to Burma, and then Vietnam.

To all my friends back home, I already miss you and I’ll see you in the Spring.

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K. said...

If you have time to read more Isherwood, consider some of his earlier works like the autobiographical 'Lions and Shadows'! I found your blog in the midst of an Isherwood Google search and am working on a dissertation about him. His earlier works are neglected but very, very good reading.

I am currently enjoying the diaries :)