Thursday, January 8, 2015

Leaving Chiang Mai

After seven weeks in Thailand, we are leaving tomorrow for a ten-day trek through Myanmar (Burma). While in Myanmar, I will be out of touch, as internet and email access is not permitted in that country (at least it wasn’t when I was there five years ago, so I’m assuming it is still the case.)

I will miss Chiang Mai. This time of year is high season, so the city is teeming with tourist all taking a hundred selfies per minute, but it is still a charming place to hang out. This time of year, there are Buddhist festivals going on at all of the major temples, which is why I love being here in December and January.

This city is a visual paradise, leaving lasting impression wherever you look. I’ll post a few pictures below to give an example of the rich colors, textures, and culture of this remarkable place. Luckily, I’ll get to spend one more week here on my return to the USA, later this year.

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