Monday, March 9, 2015

What is True Love?

I’ve reflected a great deal lately on what it means to truly love a person, because my new work-in-progress deals with this topic.

I’ve come to believe that love, true love, is a rare thing, and different than “being in love” with someone. True love begins to blossom only when you let go of all expectations and let the object of your love be perfectly themselves, rather than trying to twist them into your image of what you think they should be.

That is often an easy thing to do, but to do it all the time in every circumstance is unusual, because we all feel personal needs and we want the object of our love to fulfill those needs.

If you can’t love them wholly for who they are rather than needing them to act/be something you want, then you only love the reflection of yourself that you project onto them.

Looking back on my own relationship, it took me many years to arrive at the point of true love. And I must confess our relationship was a rather bumpy road until I did.

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